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SILVER SURF™ Vesitiivis, pestävä hiiri.

The SILVER SURF™ Mouse is a fully submersible, washable laser mouse with a unique SEAL GLIDE™ scroll feature.  The SEAL GLIDE™ uses touchpad technology and provides a natural and intuitive scroll solution for easy web site navigation.  The high grade laser insures accurate tracking on any surface, even for medical or gaming applications.  The SILVER SURF™ Mouse is offered in 2.4 GHz wireless and corded versions.

Seal Shield Waterproof, Washable Remote's

The SEAL SHIELD™ TV Remote is an easy to use, TV only, remote control which has been optimized for hospitals and hotels.  The easy wipe surface makes it simple to clean with a disinfectant wipe, but what makes the SEAL SHIELD™ TV Remote special is that it is fully submersible, antimicrobial and dishwasher safe.

The Home Theater Remote is a full function, back lit, touch screen remote that is fully submersible, antimicrobial and dishwasher safe.  It offers easy control of all home theater devices in an attractive, ergonomic design.  The SEAL SHIELD™ Home Theater Remote is designed for the serious movie aficionado.

Silver Surf Hiiri - Pese vaikka astianpesukoneessa

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